Thursday, October 24, 2013

Goodbye, Northern Brewer

Dear Northern Brewer,

A couple weeks ago, I received your email, titled "Free Shipping". "What is this?", I thought. "Could this be an actual deal that I could use?" Alas, no. You suckered me again with "Free Shipping" on a very select, expensive and useless collection of crap in a "set" that no one on your email list probably would ever need. A couple weeks ago, it was "BUY 2 All-Grain Kits Get 1 FREE", which I eagerly clicked only to find that it was buy 2 get 1 free indeed, but you only had 5 to choose from.

In years past, I have known you to have great service and good products, and because of this you have been my primary supplier of homebrew stuffs. But now, with your terrible shipping prices and predatory advertising techniques (I'm pretty sure "Free Shipping!" with a "*on nothing anyone would want" below it is borderline bait-and-switch), I'm signing off on you for good. If you ever fire your marketing department and actually offer reasonable prices again (including shipping), I may take a look, for old times sake. But as it stands, I'm done.

Best of luck as every other online merchant rapidly surpasses you,

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